Vice Chancellor's Message

My Dear Alumni,

As nodal technical university of Punjab, IKGPTU has a major responsibility of ushering our state and nation into an innovative society by producing world class technocrats. IKGPTU has done just that in last 22 years. We at IKGPTU realize that alumni are the brand ambassador of the institute and the current status that IKGPTU enjoys is the reflection of our alumni’s success. IKGPTU has always believed in life long bonds and our alumni are still a strong part of what we are today.

Today IKGPTU alumni community is more than a million strong and you have made an impact in every walk of life. Armed with IKGPTU degree alumni have gone on to become entrepreneurs, performance artists, educators, scientists and public servants. All our alumni have unique personalities but we share common values of making a positive impact in the communities and organizations we work in.

Today IKGPTU alumni have transcended all geographies and we are present across the globe. In orderto stay connected and make this bonds even stronger and with our vision to continuously contribute in the success of our alumni, we have launched this state of the art alumni/student networking platform, which will allow our alumni to share career opportunities with each other and at the same time become mentors to current set of students. I urge all my alumni to contribute in each other’s success nd also contribute towards the success of your alma mater. IKGPTU united will be a force that the whole globe will stand up and take notice.

I welcome all of you to be part of this community and take pride in the legacy that you have both created as well as inherited.

Sh. Rahul Bhandari, IAS
Vice Chancellor

Dean Alumni's Message

As dean of IKGPTU, I am excited to know alumni of this esteemed university spread across the globe. I am happy to announce that we will be able to connect and contribute in each others success through a very advance alumni/student engagement platform. All great institutes have become great through the accomplshments of its alumni. Alumni of IKGPTU are making strong impact in every walk of life. Today apart from being technocrats you will find our alumni holding top positions in politics, performance arts, entrepreneurship, teaching as well as in corporates and government. If we have to go further in our lives and achieve greatness we have to grow together. Alumni of IKGPTU are role models for everyone and especially to our students. We want to create a platform where alumni can become mentors to current students and share their success stories, challenges they faced and even setbacks they had in their careers with the current set of students.

I encourage you to become part of this prestigious and significant family that you have inherited. Lets make IKGPTU alumni body the most vibrant and influential alumni body in the entire nation.

Dean Alumni